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Fuel Mileage Checkup - Oil Change - Cooling System - Battery - Tire Inspection/ Rotation - Brakes- Filters

PJ's Auto To Do List

PJ's To Do List to extend your car's life and improve its performance...

Use Less Gas!

Gas is $$$!! Here's how to save!

Use Less Gas!

Gas Price showing prices ARM for Regular - Leg for Plus - and Both for Premium

Gas prices just keep going up and up! Keeping your car maintained and in good running order is one way to cut down on your fuel bill, but here are some other tips that can save you money!

  1. Follow PJ's Maintenance To-Do List
  2. Eliminate Quick Starts
  3. Drive a little slower
  4. Adjust your commute to work- 15 minutes early or later could mean a lot less traffic and a faster, smoother commute
  5. Make one trip or errands and shopping rather than going back and forth
  6. Car Pool whenever possible
  7. Make sure your tires are properly inflated
  8. Add Fuel Injector Cleaner to your gas tank monthly
  9. Don't let your engine idle for long periods of time
  10. Turn off the AC if its not too hot

These tips work and can save you money!

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