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Ride Shotgun with PJs!

photo of PJ Automotives BMW

PJ's has its own racing team and this spring we're gonna invite a few friends along to ride shotgun with us!

The plan is to take a couple friends along and make a day of it at the fabulous 500 acre New Jersey Motor Sports facility in Millville, NJ. We'll take folks out on the track for a 15-20 minute competitive (but non-racing) high speed (maybe up to 120mph if you can handle it!) drive-along in race type conditions.

The team's 2 primary cars are a 1988 Porsche 944s and a 1989 BMW 325is (shown to the left with Sam Jadczak at the wheel), and both are kept in ready to race condition by pit chief Ray Jadczak. (Some of our other cars are shown below.)

diagram of New Jersey Motor Sports Thunder Track

We'll use either the Thunder ....

diagram of New Jersey Motor Sports Lightning Track

.. or Lightning track at NJ Motor Sports

photo of 1988 Red Porsche 944s in the shop

All cars meet all track requirements and include: roll bars, racing seats, and 5 Point Safety Harnesses for both driver and passenger. We'll also have helmets for all participants.

Our drivers are experienced race car drivers with competitive racing licenses and many hours on the track.

Sound like fun? Stay tuned for more details.... or send us an email to put your name in the hat.

Participants must 18 or older and be in good health, be OK riding at high speed and must be able to get in/out of the cars easily. You must be 16 or older to be in the pit area.

Cameras and Videos are a must!


xphoto of PJ Automotives BMW
Sam Jadzack at the wheel of PJ's BMW
xaction photo of PJs Blue BMW race car
one of our cars on the track
xphoto of 1988 Red Porsche 944s in the shop
Photograph by: Ray Jadzcak | 2/1/2013
xphoto of Jadczak-Numer-53
Sam Jadczak driving NUmber 53 1989 BMW 325i at Lime Rock Park
Photograph by: Shawn Pierce Photography | 7/4/2013
xphoto of Sam with trophy and BMW 325i
Sam posing in the shop at PJ Auto Repair with his trophy for finishing 3rd in the TTD class with a lap time of 1:05 at Lime Rock Park
xphoto of Sam Jadzcak racing in Number 53 BMW at New Jersey Motor Sports
Number 53 in the pack at New Jersey Motor Sports
Sam Jadzack at the wheel of PJ's BMW
Photograph by: Ray Jadzcak | 2/1/2013
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